Crímina Centre facing the EU Programme for Research and Innovation (H2020)

Facing the new research framework proposed in Horizon 2020 (H2020), Crímina Centre for the Study and Prevention of Crime is interested in becoming part of initiatives and proposals related to the calls for ‘Fight against crime and Terrorism’ , ‘Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust’, or another calls related to security and cybersecurity. Additionally, in order to provide a direct response to political, legal and societal priorities identified in European Strategy 2020, the excellence of the scientific basis and the productive collaboration between companies and universities are the keys to the success of the submission of proposals.

For Crímina, as happens with security in physical spaces, the prevention of cyberattacks must be a priority in the digital society that we live in. Due to this, our centre offers potential partners for Horizon 2020 the following plans and technical actions and advice in the social scientific and legal analysis of cybersecurity and fight against crime and terrorism:

Plans and Technical Actions:

  • Surveys about the safe use of ICT for end users, optimizing computer safety of companies, institutions or individuals
  • Development of population surveys related to public management and (cyber-) security, designed by expert methodologists of our Research Centre
  • Studies and surveys of crime prevention in (cyber-) space, offering interesting scientific data about dynamics of (cyber-) victimization and criminal profiling
  • Studies of resources optimization, related to (cyber-) security, by the application of new statistical techniques
  • Certifications of public and private services in (cyber-) security, adapted to the strictest quality standards
  • Implementation of crime analysis systems in (cyber-) space in police forces

Technical and Legislative Advice

  • ICT applied to crime prevention
  • Criminal profiling
  • Security perception
  • Police intervention techniques
  • Actions in emergency situations
  • Research methods in Social Sciences and advice on Statistical Methods
  • Cyberattack prevention for companies, institutions and individuals
  • Rules applied to police forces
  • Legislative action for police officers and private security
  • Criminal and procedural reform

Contact Details:

Francisco Javier Castro Toledo

European R+D manager (H2020)

Mob. (+34) 602 13 60 85


About Centro Crímina

Crimina es el Centro de Investigación y Formación Criminológica de la Universidad Miguel Hernández conformado por juristas, criminólogos, psicólogos, investigadores de distintos ámbitos, así como policías y profesionales de la seguridad. Además, Crímina realiza investigación científica especializada en criminología aplicada a la prevención y el tratamiento de la delincuencia. Contamos amplia oferta en formación para la especialización de los profesionales relacionados con la prevención y tratamiento de la delincuencia

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