Project Title: Study on tourist experiences and citizen security in the province of Alicante.



  1. Responsible for data processing

Holder: CRIMINA. Research Center for the Study and Prevention of Crime at Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

CIF: Q-5350015C

Registers’ Office: Avda. de la Universidad, s/n. Edif. Hélike, Elche (Zip Code: 03202), Alicante, Spain.

Phone: +34 966 658 380



The Miguel Hernández University of Elche has the appropriate data protecction officer as established by the regulation (UE) 2016/679, General regulation for data protection.



  1. Legitimation:

The treatment of data is legitimized in conformity with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, General Regulation of Protection of Information, since that that data is necessary for the execution of the activities of scientific research for the project Study of tourist experiences and citizen security in the province of Alicante conducted by the Crímina Center and entrusted by the Tourism Area of the Provincial council of Alicante.


The legitimizing base for the treatment of the information voluntarily contributed by the user and in an anonymous way is the assent of the user.



  1. Categories of treated information:

The Crímina Research Center for the study and prevention of crime that belongs to the University Michael Hernández of Elche treats the following categories of information:


  • Identifying data: e-mail, age, sex, marital status and nationality.
  • Behaviors and experiences of tourist mobility.
  • Sensitive data: religion, race and commission of criminal offenses or administrative infractions.



  1. Purposes:

The information provided voluntarily and anonymously by the user will be used by the Crímina Center only for the purpose of scientific research within the framework of the project Study on tourist experiences and citizen security in the province of Alicante.


  1. Data Conservation:

The information will remain anonyzed only in the final report Criminal will deliver to the County council of Alicante


The conservation and treatment of the personal information will remain always subordinated to the exercise of the rights of the users.



  1. Communications of data:

The data treated in the project Study on tourist experiences and citizen security in the province of Alicante will be able to be communicated to the following addresses:


  • County council of Alicante.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies of the State by virtue of the established in the Law.
  • The Banks and financial institutions for the collection of the pertinent invoices.



  1. Rights of the users:

The users will be able to exercise any of the rights foreseen in the General Regulation of Data Protection in the established terms and conditions, by means of the sending of the request in writing by post postcard to Avda. of the University s/n, Elche, Alicante, Spain, or by e-mail to


a) Right of Access:

Users have the right to be informed of:

  • The purposes of the treatment, possible data communications and their addressee.
  • If possible, the period of conservation of the data. If not, the criteria to determine this term. para determinar este plazo.
  • The right to request the rectification or deletion of the data, the limitation to the treatment or to oppose it
  • The right to make a claim to the Control Authority.


Likewise, users have the right to request to Crímina Center acopy of the personal data treatment objects.


b)Right of rectification

The user has the right to request that the data controller correct inaccurate data and complete incomplete personal data.


c) Right of Suppression

Users may request the person responsible for processing the deletion of personal data without undue delay, provided when it is not an exception regulated in the RGPD.


d) Right of limitation of treatment:

Users have the right to ask the person responsible to suspend the processing of their data:

  • Challenging the accuracy of the data, while the verification tasks are carried out by the responsible party.
  • Exercising by the user his right of opposition to the processing of his data, while the verification tasks are carried out by the person in charge.


e) Right of Portability of data

Users have the right to request and receive their personal data provided to the person in charge in a structured, common use and mechanical reading format, as long as it is technically possible, in order to transmit them to another person in charge.


f) Right of Opposition

The right of opposition may be requested by any user to the Crímina Center for the study and prevention of crime at the Miguel Hernández University in Elche, in order to oppose the processing of their personal data.



  1. Possibility of claim:

In any case, users may submit a claim to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, being able to find all the information in this regard at


About Centro Crímina

Crimina es el Centro de Investigación y Formación Criminológica de la Universidad Miguel Hernández conformado por juristas, criminólogos, psicólogos, investigadores de distintos ámbitos, así como policías y profesionales de la seguridad. Además, Crímina realiza investigación científica especializada en criminología aplicada a la prevención y el tratamiento de la delincuencia. Contamos amplia oferta en formación para la especialización de los profesionales relacionados con la prevención y tratamiento de la delincuencia

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