Facing the new research framework proposed in Horizon 2020, Crímina Centre for the Study and Prevention of Crime is interested in becoming part of initiatives and proposals related to the calls for ‘Secure Societies’, ‘Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies –, or ‘Smart, green and integrated transport’. Additionally, in order to provide a direct response to political, legal and societal priorities identified in European Strategy 2020, the excellence of the scientific basis and the productive collaboration between companies and universities are the keys to the success of the submission of proposals.

In the following video-presentation, our R+D manager introduce briefly CRIMINA. Get further information about us, in what calls we are interested, which are our main lines of research and what expertises we offer as partners, among other information of interest.

You are able to watch the video with english subtitles, just change it in the configuration section.

Due to this, our centre offers potential partners for Horizon 2020 the following technical actions and legal advice in social, behavioral and legal analysis inter alia:

  • Cyberattacks prevention for SMEs, local public institutions and individuals
  • Policy-making toolkits, security strategies and legislative actions to LEAs
  • Security perception and insecurity feelings analysis
  • Human factors and radicalization processes assessment
  • Crime mapping and criminal profiling
  • ICT applied to crime prevention
  • Criminal and procedural legal analysis and reform
  • Comparative legal frameworks
  • Research methods in Social Sciences and advice on Statistical Methods
  • Studies and surveys of crime prevention, public management and resource optimisation

Topics of interest // 2016

Brokerages and networking events we will attend // 2015-16

Security Mission Information & Innovation Group Meetings (SMI2Gs) (Brussel, Belgium)